In the spirit of Hans (韓石,Korea Stone)
We will grow with our customers by providing global products and services.

We operates a comprehensive system for Development, Production, Sales, and Field Service.

Hans Tech started in 2011 in the Dongguan of China and was based on more than 20 years of experience in CNC equipment in Korea. This is a total CNC processing equipment company that operates the system of development, production, sales, and AS. We started with IT Parts such as AL, SUS, aluminum diamond cutting, reinforced glass and plastic injection. It is expanding into CNC high-speed machine such as smart phone metal cases, small mold processing, and metal jig processing. Through continuous research and development, we provide our customers with dedicated CNC equipment with excellent price/performance. By establishing a thorough AS/BS system, we strive to maximize our customers' valuable cost competitiveness and production operation rate. Now Hans Tech is exporting not only to China sales but also to Korea and Vietnam, and it is receiving a lot of favorable reviews. In Korea, we are partnering with an exclusive agent to establish sales and AS network. CS Center is established in BacNinh, Vietnam so that the company can provide AS rapidly in the country.

The best quality and best service is the only way for customers and Hans Tech to develop together. Our employees are committed to doing their best in the future.

Please continue to advice and encourage for Hans Tech. Thank you.